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Notes from Midterm site critiques

Need to add to my site:

-work on <li class=”active”> to highlight page that it is currently on


-breadcrumb nav outline with functional links (home/ venues/the warehaus)

-live google map for directions

-embed fonts


codecanyon.net – for jquery code

123rf.com – for royalty free pics; inexpensive

Midterm Appearance – Produced Home Page

I had problems producing my midterm site exactly as I designed it. ¬†Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out, but below are some of the things I would like to change/add if I had more time:

-had to readjust some of the info in the header because of margins and their effects on other elements

-the a:active and a:visited seemed to be giving me results other than what I thought I was coding for, so ultimately, I excluded them (wanted the active page to show as red and visited as grey)

-wanted to have a static background image, header & footer with scrolling info in front of them, but due to time and frustration, didn’t figure it out; Wanted all pages to be the same height, but some are collapsed smaller so need to address that

-wanted the background image to be longer, but made due with what I had and cut to make it less obvious (there was a gradient change that made the hard cut of the original long splice very obvious when stacked).  Is there a way to blend or make soft edges on images in CSS?

-had weird issues (it kept looking stretched even though the pixel widths matched) with placing the ticket icon image (to purchase tickets) in column one of the main page so had to ax that and use a hyperlink on text

-due to time constraints, didn’t get to explore adding round edges to the containers & navs

-needs additional images on subsequent pages

-wanted to explore creating a functional calendar

-forgot to add search bar & site map

Screen Shot of home page of my produced midterm site